ACHNU was created in 1991 as a non-profit development organization. It is affiliated with the World Federation of United Nations Associations, and it has consultation status at the United Nations system and as formal representative before the Economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, CEPAL.

ACHNU´s mission statement is to develop programs to promote the rights of children and youth, and to lead them to their self-affirmation through actions in places of their own, such as school and their neighbourhoods. ACHNU´s work is to be an ally to children and youth. Its concern is to put into effect the rights that will guarantee their full development and happiness, where they are protagonists of their present.

ACHNU´s objectives are: a) to contribute to children and youth’s holistic development and effective participation through programs that involve regional and community networks and b) to contribute to political networks in the areas of Education and Culture, Training and Protection of Rights. In this capacity, it takes part in technical governmental, societal-civil specialized committees to discuss institutional and legal reforms in order to improve the lives of children and youth, to acknowledge them as individuals with full rights. Also, in its challenge to contribute to the strengthening of civil society, it participates on a national level a network of NGOs working for children and youth rights, it is a member of the Latin American Caucus of Childhood  NGOs , and it is a member of the ECPAT network, working against sexual exploitation of children and youth.

ACHNU carries out its work in two regions, the Metropolitan and the Biobio in the south of the country.

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